Girl Seeks Guinness World Record Recognition for Longest Tongue

A trembling human race stands a-tiptoe hoping she will use her gifts for good and not for evil. [Read more…]

Shatner on the Mountain

Think about this. That is all: [Read more…]

Every Day is a Holiday if You Know Where to Look

I suggest you look here. And, by the way, Happy Iced Tea Day. [Read more…]

Guy on a Buffalo!

So this exists: [Read more…]


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Vitamin D Supplements Won’t Protect Against Earthquakes

Checkmate, Nutrition “Science”!  What good are you anyway? [Read more…]

Golden Throats!

Clint Eastwood sings! [Read more…]

As we near the season when historically illiterate skeptics around the world declare…

Jesus Never Existed, it important to put on our Thinking Caps and learn to apply that hermeneutic of suspicion to all historical sources. To that end, may I present the penetrating analysis of the “Beatles (as they were presented to us) Never Existed” website. It will change your comfortable, bourgeois, believing-in-Beatles world FOREVER!!!! [Read more…]

The Lawrence Welk Show Presents “One Toke Over the Line”

No. Really. From 1971. Because life just isn’t weird enough. [Read more…]