I…. um…. wow

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This killed me

I well remember being in New Zealand years back, using the loo and having presented for my contemplation a roll of toilet paper that advertised itself as “New Zealand’s Most Trusted Toilet Paper”. Because if you can’t trust your toilet paper, what can you trust? And… Professional Tanning?  Seriously? [Read more...]

Another terrorist brought to justice

Leawood, Kansas cracks down on little kid’s lending library. With the Fourth of July fading from memory, its good to meditate on the freedoms our ancestors bled and died for, such as the freedom to crush small acts of kindness done by children under the jackboot of petty bureaucrats. [Read more...]

Chelsea Clinton Energetically Saws off Branch of Family Tree She is Sitting On

….wishes her Grandmother had had access to Planned Parenthood. Not the sharpest scalpel in the drawer. Particularly, when she, who is rich as Croesus, stoops down to provide uplift by informing the toiling slobs that she really doesn’t care about money. If it doesn’t mean anything to her, perhaps she should give some to the [Read More...]

OK GOP Candidate Charges his Opponent is a Body Double…

…or Robot. Now if he were running against Romney, I don’t think anybody would blame him for having suspicions. [Read more...]

Slate is Beyond Parody Sometimes

Here is some ninny wringing her (xer?) hands at the horror of saying “It’s a boy!/It’s a girl!” at birth. It’s gender imperialism, doncha know. The sheer melodrama of the thing merits being read aloud at a party. Unintentional hilarity at its finest. [Read more...]

Not the Onion

Vancouver school board introduces gender-neutral pronouns for the exquisitely PC Student No.  Really. Students and teachers in Vancouver, British Columbia, can now use the gender-neutral pronouns “xe,” “xem,” and “xyr.” The move is designed to accommodate students for whom “he” and “she” does not fit or is deemed inappropriate. It was for such an hour [Read More...]

The sort of thing bureaucrats with nothing to do find to worry about…

…is fretting over gender differences in hurricane names. [Read more...]

Weird Books

A friend who used to run the Logos Bookstore here in Seattle sends along this piece on bizarre books that people actually wrote (some of which he remembers selling). Here are just a few samples. There’s a lot more where they came from:   [Read more...]

Does Nobody Ever Stop and Think…

…”This might strike normal people as tin-eared, bizarre, and creepy. Maybe this isn’t such a great idea?” Yeah, yeah.  I get it. “Sword of the spirit, which is the word of God”.  That’s how people inside the cultural bubble will see this.  So if you are preaching to the choir and want a lame inside [Read More...]