Reason #98345928372 I’m glad to be Catholic

I will never have to endure a massively tasteless homily about the power and glory of flying, all-intrusive murderbots as a metaphor for God. I remember 9/10/01, when I lived in a different country. [Read more...]

“I” “wonder” “what” “these” “guys” “actually” “offer”

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If Star Wars Had Been Made in France

Attention, People of Earth! Surrender now or I will post more of this kind of thing: [Read more...]

Shatner on the Mike Douglas Show. You’re welcome!

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Food for Thought

A strange German sends a message of hope to all those suffering from melesphobia (which, as everyone knows, is fear of badgers): [Read more...]

I…. um…. wow

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Another terrorist brought to justice

Leawood, Kansas cracks down on little kid’s lending library. With the Fourth of July fading from memory, its good to meditate on the freedoms our ancestors bled and died for, such as the freedom to crush small acts of kindness done by children under the jackboot of petty bureaucrats. [Read more...]

Chelsea Clinton Energetically Saws off Branch of Family Tree She is Sitting On

….wishes her Grandmother had had access to Planned Parenthood. Not the sharpest scalpel in the drawer. Particularly, when she, who is rich as Croesus, stoops down to provide uplift by informing the toiling slobs that she really doesn’t care about money. If it doesn’t mean anything to her, perhaps she should give some to the [Read More...]

OK GOP Candidate Charges his Opponent is a Body Double…

…or Robot. Now if he were running against Romney, I don’t think anybody would blame him for having suspicions. [Read more...]

Slate is Beyond Parody Sometimes

Here is some ninny wringing her (xer?) hands at the horror of saying “It’s a boy!/It’s a girl!” at birth. It’s gender imperialism, doncha know. The sheer melodrama of the thing merits being read aloud at a party. Unintentional hilarity at its finest. [Read more...]