What is wrong with people?

So, during the Super Bowl, they run this: What would an American major sporting event be without uber-patriotism and flag-waving about the glories of America. And since I’ve always thought “America the Beautiful” would be a much better national anthem than the unsingable “Star-Spangled Banner”, I was rather pleased hear it sung. Jeepers, an actual [Read More...]


Did you know that Stan Freberg once cast Ray Bradbury in a commercial for prunes? Freberg’s commercials were genius: [Read more...]

Cool, but creepy

Emperor Palpatine addresses Imperial Senate. PM Erdoğan uses hologram to address İzmir party members for first time in Turkey With this emerging technology, future Dear Leaders of the US need never have to endure contact with their subjects at all!  They will be free to concentrate on sleeping in hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the quest [Read More...]

This is *not* funny and you *mustn’t* laugh

Flatulent cows start fire at German dairy farm [Read more...]

Whenever I Hear People Hyperventilate about Some Bad Mass

…I like to reflect on the fact that the absolute worst parish in the United States–the uber-loopy St. Joan of Arc in Mpls, is a bastion of staid reverence in comparison with many mainline Protestant churches: [Read more...]

I can only hope and pray that Church Militant Interviews This Man Next

Of course, he does appear to believe in a rotating earth, so he’s not as solidly orthodox as the producers of “The Principle” who deny the earth rotates (as all Real Catholics[TM] should). But still, he seems to be a promising candidate for some sort of advisory position on Real Catholic[TM] Science that Church Militant [Read More...]


Mike Flynn passes along this quote of the day: “There’s a seeming inconsistency in contemporary American politics: at the same time the central government’s size and power have reached unprecedented heights, a smaller percentage of the public view the government in Washington favorably than at any time in the last half-century.” –Richard Winchester, AmericanThinker.com, Jan. [Read More...]

The great thing about being Catholic…

…is the range to which you can expand your demented paranoia.  Forget about trivial “Who killed JFK?” conspiracy theories.  Being Catholic means having an entire cosmos in which to allow the mind to shut itself into the clean, cramped, well-lit prison cell of a single idea: [Read more...]

This reminds me…

…I need to get going on that penitential Advent stuff for you guys! That was just to ease you into Star Wars weirdness. Now behold the hard stuff of sheer groovalicious Star Wars tackiness: This stuff makes even Tom McDonald quail and quake. But it still pales to what is coming soon: The Star Wars [Read More...]

Benny Hinn–Now with Light Sabers!

[Read more...]