No. Just… No.

I’m pretty sure this is what they do at Ned Flanders’ church. Reminds me of a church supply catalog I saw 30 years ago advertising, among other things, a sort of puffed wheat communion disk thingie that bore the legend, “Now more breadlike!” This is where I really like being Catholic. [Read more...]

The great thing about being Catholic…

…is the range to which you can expand your demented paranoia.  Forget about trivial “Who killed JFK?” conspiracy theories.  Being Catholic means having an entire cosmos in which to allow the mind to shut itself into the clean, cramped, well-lit prison cell of a single idea: [Read more...]

Checkmate Atheists!

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I missed quite a number of these stories

The world is even more nuts than I thought: [Read more...]

Birth of a Weird Folk Hero

Have you seen this man? No.  Not the skinny guy on the left. The other guy–who stood next to world leaders on national television, apparently doing sign language translation for the deaf, only to be revealed by actual deaf people to be a complete phony who was just making random gestures.  He has now completely [Read More...]

This reminds me…

…I need to get going on that penitential Advent stuff for you guys! That was just to ease you into Star Wars weirdness. Now behold the hard stuff of sheer groovalicious Star Wars tackiness: This stuff makes even Tom McDonald quail and quake. But it still pales to what is coming soon: The Star Wars [Read More...]

Benny Hinn–Now with Light Sabers!

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A Triumph of Technology Over Conscience! [Read more...]

Danish Royal Family Portrait?…

…or Addams Family? We’re not saying “All Hail the Satanic overlords,” but we’re also not not saying that. [Read more...]

It’s been 35 Years…

…and an entire generation still bears the scars of that horrific night: [Read more...]

This Magnificently Tacky Thing Never Gets Old

Aziz Ansari introduces Tom Hanks to his associate Jesus: Everything that’s wrong with American Christianity in a single image.  That’s economy of expresssion. [Read more...]

Not Just “Gear” but “Essential Gear”

…according to the ThinkGeek site, you can’t possibly live without the Transporter Room shower curtain and bath mat: [Read more...]