It’s been 35 Years…

…and an entire generation still bears the scars of that horrific night: [Read more...]

This Magnificently Tacky Thing Never Gets Old

Aziz Ansari introduces Tom Hanks to his associate Jesus: Everything that’s wrong with American Christianity in a single image.  That’s economy of expresssion. [Read more...]

Not Just “Gear” but “Essential Gear”

…according to the ThinkGeek site, you can’t possibly live without the Transporter Room shower curtain and bath mat: [Read more...]

Oh the Humanity!

British sailors blast Britney Spears’ ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ to deter Somali pirates [Read more...]

I think Chesterton Would Absolutely Love The Republic of Užupis

It a neighborhood in the capital of Lithuania–Vilnius–that seceded on April 1, 1997. Wikipedia gives the scoop. The Republic has… its own flag, currency, president, cabinet of ministers, a constitution written by Romas Lileikis and Thomas Chepaitis, an anthem, and an army (numbering approximately 11 men). They celebrate this independence annually on Užupis Day, which [Read More...]

First World Problems: Halloween Edition

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So. This exists.

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Food for Thought

1. There is such thing as a “Nixon Meets Robocop” photo: Image credit: Billboard Magazine Read the full text here: 2. There’s a story behind that photo. 3. This gives me an excuse to run my other favorite Nixon photo! 4. We live in a universe of wonders. [Read more...]

I don’t like hornets, and I *really* don’t like these hornets

Nor would I much like any insect described as “the last thing you see before you die.” I make it my practice to avoid any form of insect life that looks like it came straight out of the Book of Revelation. Those are not hornets.  Those are Zanti Misfits. On the bright side, these… things [Read More...]

“It seems the jury is still out on women priests”…

…declares monomaniac. The guy reminds me of this: [Read more...]