Benny Hinn–Now with Light Sabers!

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A Triumph of Technology Over Conscience! [Read more...]

Danish Royal Family Portrait?…

…or Addams Family? We’re not saying “All Hail the Satanic overlords,” but we’re also not not saying that. [Read more...]

It’s been 35 Years…

…and an entire generation still bears the scars of that horrific night: [Read more...]

This Magnificently Tacky Thing Never Gets Old

Aziz Ansari introduces Tom Hanks to his associate Jesus: Everything that’s wrong with American Christianity in a single image.  That’s economy of expresssion. [Read more...]

Not Just “Gear” but “Essential Gear”

…according to the ThinkGeek site, you can’t possibly live without the Transporter Room shower curtain and bath mat: [Read more...]

Oh the Humanity!

British sailors blast Britney Spears’ ‘Oops! I Did It Again’ to deter Somali pirates [Read more...]

I think Chesterton Would Absolutely Love The Republic of Užupis

It a neighborhood in the capital of Lithuania–Vilnius–that seceded on April 1, 1997. Wikipedia gives the scoop. The Republic has… its own flag, currency, president, cabinet of ministers, a constitution written by Romas Lileikis and Thomas Chepaitis, an anthem, and an army (numbering approximately 11 men). They celebrate this independence annually on Užupis Day, which [Read More...]

First World Problems: Halloween Edition

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So. This exists.

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