Because I Can and You Are Powerless to Stop Me!!!!


I know what you are thinking…

“Mark, isn’t it impressive enough that somebody went to all the trouble of looping Jeff Goldblum laughing for ten solid minutes? Is there anything that can possibly beat that?” The answer is, “Yes, Gentle Reader, there is. It is the fact that somebody actually went to the trouble of writing a musical transcription of that [Read More…]

If the Principal Had Been Named Mrs. Trunchbull I Would have Supported This Policy

…if for no other reason than that the operatically horrible Roald Dahlesque tale of this adult tyrant and power-drunk ogre out of Faerie would, I certainly hope, give these children a precious memory they will be able to mine for their future as Dickensian novelists and screenwriters.  Unfortunately, the principal is neither a woman with the [Read More…]

Get Gymnasty!

Newlin Mantrose is either the Buster Keaton of our time or the world’s most incompetent gymast. My suspicion is the former. [Read more…]


This…. reminds me of this: Movies [Read more…]

What are some priests thinking?

A reader writes: John Dominic Crossan IS scheduled to speak at my parish next month and he appears to be quite controversial in his theology. Please share your thoughts and insights. He’s poison.  Says the body of Jesus was eaten by wild dogs.  Avoid him like the plague.  What on earth is your parish or [Read More…]

The newfound van Gogh…

…HAS A TARDIS IN IT! [Read more…]

Dear Christians, This is Why People Hate You Sometimes

Gay detective’s mother kicked out of church. Church to mom: “When we talk about God’s unconditional love, we don’t mean it’s, you know, unconditional love. There are certain conditions to God’s unconditional love.” [Read more…]

Reactionary Male Control Freak…

…against Edjimacated Uppity Women and their sinful college edjimacation.  Yes, this guy is a Catholic and not a Protestant Fundamentalist. St. Edith Stein, Hildegard of Bingen, Elizabeth Anscombe, Dorothy Day, Dorothy L. Sayers, and Margaret Roper (Thomas More’s brilliant and highly educated daughter) would have this guy’s guts for garters. It is with a certain sense [Read More…]

Chinese Zoo Tries Passing off Dog as “African Lion”

You gotta give ’em points for moxie. [Read more…]