Chinese Zoo Tries Passing off Dog as “African Lion”

You gotta give ‘em points for moxie. [Read more...]

Since It’s Our Birthday, Preciousssss

I have decided to treat you all to this… thing: If you are good, I will not follow it up at Christmas with the Star Wars Holiday Special. [Read more...]

Melissa Harris-Perry sez…

…newborn babies don’t count as persons unless their parents say they do. She is, of course, right because she is the chick with the tampon earrings. Only a fool can argue with that kind of rigorous logic. [Read more...]

There Really is a Flat Earth Society

…and like all dedicated crazy people they have an answer for every obvious thing that immediately springs to mind when you wonder, “How can they believe such hogwash?” The capacity human beings have for staking out a claim for virtually any crazy idea and then defending it with every ounce of intellectual firepower they have [Read More...]

What’s Russian for “Careful! You’re Getting That in Your Mouth.”

Russian Scientists Develop 3D Printed 100% Animal-Based Substitute For Tofu [Read more...]

More evidence that if America was a person, her loved ones would stage an intervention

Breastfeeding Viewed as Potential Terrorist Activity by New York Country Club [Read more...]

This. Is. Priceless.

Richard Dawkins goes stark, staring mad. Jump to 4:46. I will be laughing about this for days. Tom McDonald, this one’s for you! [Read more...]

Your Puny Vestern Adwertising is Futile to Reach Post-Soviet Voman!

[Read more...]

I have no idea what this is about

…but you can’t deny that this is one arresting headline for a blog post: I Don’t Always Kill Bears But When I Do I Strangle Them and Use My Carpenter’s Ax [Read more...]

So. This Exists.

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