A Work of Mercy (If You Have a Perverse Sense of Humor Like Mine)

Help Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeons become a movie on Kickstarter What could be more important than alerting the world to the massive danger of RPGs? And who better to do that than Renaissance artist and master theologian Jack Chick? [Read more...]

The American Church is So Boring

Romanian Lawyer Sues Exorcists For Failing to Banish Fart Demons [Read more...]

Why Traditionalism is Marginalized

Exhibit A:  When somebody says, “Holocaust Denial is Bad” that is a hugely controversial opinion in one subculture of the Church and one subculture only. Exhibit B: When somebody calls the person saying that a “kike“, it is only one subculture in the Church that provides us with people ready to worry, not that Holocaust Denialism [Read More...]

On the Mean Streets of Seattle…

the law is a paper tiger when it comes vicious gang mothers and their little angels in the savage competition for Easter eggs. [Read more...]

This Whispered “Post Me for Victor Lams”

April 1 and Easter Monday both being days for giddy hilarity–and reader Victor Lams really enjoying oddities like this, I offer the following: For those who, like me, are out of the loop on quirky music, this is, I am informed by my son, a specimen of “Chap Hop”. Why they don’t call it “chap [Read More...]

Winter is Really Starting to Get to Some People

Ohio prosecutor seeks death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil after bad forecast Could be worse. Could be an infinity of Groundhog Days. [Read more...]


Now and then, effete brie eaters like to pretend to “get back to nature” without, you know, having to have any contact with nature, any effort beyond swiping a credit card, and any change to their routine of unvaried comfort.  Behold!  There is a business to cater to the Pampered Set who want to “camping” [Read More...]

“Cultural Marxism” is the new epithet of choice

I’ve been informed I am a “cultural Marxist”. No idea what that means, but I keep bumping into it. It seems to be a sort of right wing swear word, but I’m jiggered if I can figure out what it means, particularly since I’m not a Marxist and I always took Marxism to be a [Read More...]

I have no words

[Read more...]

Every Once in a While, the Vatican Goes out of its Way to Remind Us…

…that it is run by tragically unhip doofuses. Dear Vatican: Take the Pledge. [Read more...]