Today’s Tina Fey Eyeroll Award Winner

Booby says that rickrolling is highly problematic, especially in its dependence upon the semiotics of cisgendered discourse.  Here. Have some Insensitivity Training: You’re welcome. [Read more…]

From hip and cool priests, deliver us, O Lord!

Deacon Greg finds this cringeworthy story of some crazy German priest who thought it would be genius to celebrate a Star Wars First Communion. Permit me to just say the following, for the sake of simple dignity, taste, and class: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Reader John Herreid wins the Internet with this comment: “I have altered the Mass. [Read More…]

Another Reason I’m Grateful to be Catholic

I can think of only one parish in the country–St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis–that is far enough out at the end of the bell curve of sanity that it would present Jesus as a baby girl just to be insufferably PC. In daffy liberal Protestantism, this kind of stuff happens all the time. The [Read More…]

A prime example of how deeply shallow internet atheism is

…can be seen in this ridiculous “Atheist Prayer Experiment” currently being conducted elsewhere on Patheos: Today’s the big day! It’s the beginning of my 40-day trial by prayer. I’m to pray for two to three minutes per day as sincerely as convenient and ask God to reveal himself to me. I’m to watch for signs [Read More…]

Stealing other people’s words…

is easier than coming up with my own, especially when they say stuff better than me. So I get a tongue-in-cheek email sent to me by a member of a little group of friends, double-dog daring them to blog on this story, in which some priest offers his “courageous” stand on homosex, blah blah blah [Read More…]