One of my readers writes: “Progressives hate the idea that Peter and the Apostles can bind. Traditionalists cannot fathom that Peter and the Apostles can loosen.” That about sums it up. [Read more...]

In Honor of Everybody’s Favorite Saint

One of many amazing passages from Chesterton’s beautiful St. Francis of Assisi: The phrase about his brotherhood with the sun and moon, and with the water and the fire, occurs of course in his famous poem called the Canticle of the Creatures or the Canticle of the Sun. He sang it wandering in the meadows [Read More...]

Catholic But Mentally Ill

I’m honored to know Anthony Schefter, the author of this piece. He lived in Seattle for a while and went to my parish. The thing about mental illness is that it is illness.  Like all illness, it does not constitute a judgment from God or a declaration of moral turpitude.  To be mentally ill is [Read More...]

Edith Stein’s Feast Day is Today

Dawn Eden, another convert to the Faith from a Jewish background, reflects on her spirituality of woundedness. [Read more...]

It was a different time! You can’t judge by today’s standards!

Mass murder excuse #23. Only, we’ve always known that it is gravely immoral to deliberately kill innocent human beings. And people knew it in 1945. For instance, Servant of God Dorothy Day knew it. The difference between a saint and the rest of us is not that a saint knows super duper secret mystical stuff [Read More...]