Our justice system is insane. [Read more…]

If You or I Kill Somebody, We are Required to Answer Questions About That

When Coconut Creek, Florida police kill people, they can just declare that “confidential” and then they don’t have to answer any questions about it. [Read more…]

What’s fascinating to me as somebody without TV

…is how, over the past couple of days, I’ve watched people in St. Blog’s comboxes come to consensus that Uniformed Power Figures killed a weak guy in a dark skin because he had it coming and the cop who killed him is blameless/he resisted arrest/he had it coming and the cop who killed him is [Read More…]

I’m with him on this

The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive The decision is a travesty and the cop who killed this man is getting away with murder. Not to worry though. There was one indictment to come out of this case. The man who filmed the murder has been indicted. [Read More…]

As Ferguson burns…

…the Abp of St. Louis goes there to pray and work for peace. ¬†Good for him! God grant peace and a just outcome for everybody in this appalling situation. [Read more…]

An Immigration Manifesto

…in which Artur Rosman and Sam Rocha make a number of common sense points about our demented immigration policy. [Read more…]

Florida Mom Get 20 Years for Firing Gun without Harming Anybody

She fired in anger, but didn’t even hit her abusive husband. It was a stupid thing done in anger. But nobody was hurt and she apparently only meant to frighten him. But then again, she Fired While Black and, most importantly, unwealthy. So 20 years. 20. Years. Update: I was wrong. Zimmerman did not invoke [Read More…]