I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink

Extremely cool. [Read more...]

Tragedy in Wyoming

The Lewis family, for whom we prayed yesterday, lost their daughters Olivia and Emma in a car accident yesterday. Their sister Vivian survives, but the family is devastated by grief, of course. A fund has been set upf for them. Please help them if you can. [Read more...]

Please Help the People of Sudan

Bishop Eduardo Kussala writes me and I’m passing it along: The genocide in South Sudan continues. Famine, murder, and rape are everywhere. Most humanitarian aid has fled the country. In many places only the Catholic Church, along with the Sudan Relief Fund, remain to serve these poor and persecuted people. Some areas are worse off [Read More...]

Today’s shot at a Work of Mercy

Help Kelsey pursue her vocation! [Read more...]

Latest News on the Tasty Syrups of Mercy Front

The good wife of the good deacon writes about their excellent adventure in selling syrup for a good cause (which you can find out more about here): We wanted to thank you again for your help spreading the word about our syrup fundraiser.  A couple of weeks ago, we headed up to New York from [Read More...]

Your chance to do a work of mercy

Lizzie McIntosh is a dear friend of the family who struggles with Crohn’s disease and colitis.  Go here and you can help support a search for a cure for her and others.  And please pray for Lizzie.  She and her whole family are wonderful people. [Read more...]

Sam Rocha has a Kickstarter page

……to fund an album of soul, jazz, and folk music inspired by Augustine’s Confessions. [Read more...]

As a culture de-Christianizes, slavery naturally returns

When the culture is a de-Christianizing capitalist one, like ours, it looks for natural opportunities to turn the weak and despised into slaves on the Low Hanging Fruit Theory. One very natural place to turn is to populations nobody likes or cares about, and which people with a tenuous hold on mercy, but a very [Read More...]

The American Chesterton Society

…can really use your support. [Read more...]

Prayer Request and Work of Mercy Opportunity

A reader writes: As a fellow convert, I covet your prayers. I was, for 22 years, a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I could not not take the fact that my denomination was in bed with the Culture of Death anymore, so I entered into full communion with the Church in 2009. [Read More...]