Rome Lifts Sanctions on Silenced Irish Priest

The term for this is “mercy”. The essential paragraph: “It was reported at the weekend that the CDF’s change of stance towards Fr Fagan was because “he loves the Church in spite of all its weaknesses: that he accepted his censure and observed his restrictions; and to his advanced age.” He has been seriously ill [Read More...]

Looks Like a Worthwhile Apostolate

My name is Luke, and I’m 17 years old. My mom recently showed me your blog (she’s been a long-time reader). Seeing the variety of subjects you cover, I was wondering if you could help me spread the word and break the stigma of teen depression. I suffered from ages 12 to 16, then I [Read More...]

A fine little work of mercy!

A reader writes: I’m working on a project to supplement my family’s income so I can afford next year’s tuition as our second child starts kindergarten. I have 7 days left to sell a minimum of 25 shirts. If you like the look, would you be willing to post a link to get the word [Read More...]

Calah Alexander writes with a Prayer Request and a Work of Mercy

One of my favorite professors from UD, the one who taught the Ogre and I that love mattered more than laws (the Thomistic idea of love, just so we’re clear, not the fuzzy Care-bear crap kind), has started a GiveForward fund for a Ukrainian poet who, along with her young son, survived Chernobyl. This poet, [Read More...]

Seems worth supporting

Go here if you want to kick some money in. [Read more...]

Today’s Work of Mercy

A reader writes: These are friends of ours. Young family, with four children. Lizz found out that she has cancer. Not good. Please see this, and please pass it along. |||| Elizabeth and Ryan Lovett, parents to: Aletheia, Ambrose, Petra and Virgil, need your love and support. Lizz has been diagnosed with Metastatic Papillary Renal [Read More...]

Partly a Chance to Do a Work of Mercy, Partly a Chance for Some Quality Goods

Simcha Fisher’s pal Robin Broun has a GoFundMe campaign going to get her Goat Milk Soap business airborne. Here’s her story: You have seen movies where a girl grows up and gets dealt one bad hand after another — but she keeps struggling? And where she grows up and has children of her own, and [Read More...]

Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage

I’ve always loved John Michael Talbot and admired his work, both in music, and as a leader in the Christian community. That said, *this* Little Portion has nothing to do with John Michael’s Little Portion.  But it’s still a very cool and Catholic thing. My friend Kevin Lowry at the Coming Home Network gives the scoop: Brother Rex Anthony [Read More...]

Reader Alisha de Freitas could use your help

Please sign her petition. [Read more...]

Support the Panhandle Autism Society

A friend writes: I wanted to make you aware of a fundraiser our family is involved with to help kids like Joshua who have autism. April 12th is a day we will be walking for awareness and in our case, to support others trying to “tumble down the walls of Autism”. If you could support [Read More...]