Cosmetic bombs and real help

I suspect a strong inverse statistical relationship between the “Bomb Iraq!” crowd and those who want to give these refugees the asylum we absolutely *owe* them. The more we want to drop a few bombs–to assuage our conscience that we “did something” before leaving these people to their fate and shrugging “we tried”–the less we [Read More...]

Airstrikes Against ISIS

Story here. I don’t see how they can be avoided.  But at the same time, I don’t see this ending well if we don’t get the refugees out.  Our war of choice has left us with nothing but a series of terrible alternatives and the least terrible is to smash ISIS bad enough that either [Read More...]

The Parable of Dr. Lazarus and the Rich Man

Starring Donald Trump, who sent a series of tweets about the missionaries being treated for ebola in the U.S. Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days – now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 1, 2014   Stop [Read More...]

A Work of Mercy for the Suffering Church in Iraq

A reader writes: We are looking to bring awareness to the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. One way we can do this is to be a visible witness right here in our own communities. We have designed a t-shirt campaign to help us do this. Here is the link that I am asking [Read More...]

Obama out-Coulters Coulter

My fellow Patheosi Frank Weathers notes that the Administration’s passivity while the refugees of Iraq are slaughtered can be summarized as ” “Wrong kind of Christians, in the wrong places, being killed.” (though, to be fair, non-Christians are getting slaughtered too).  He calls it the Coulter Copout. He’s got a point. Coulter’s thinly veiled appeal to mouth-breathing [Read More...]

We absolutely owe it to Iraq’s refugees, Christian and non-Christian

…to organize an evacuation and give them asylum. [Read more...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Calvinist Eisegesis

Recently, Chuck Baldwin wrote on FB: The phony-conservative, Glenn Beck, is sending food and soccer balls to illegals swarming across our southern border at the orchestration of the Obama administration. And the phony conservative, Joe Scarborough, says Beck is acting like Jesus Christ for doing so. it is amazing how spiritual these talking heads can [Read More...]

Sarah Harkins Memorial Fund

As you may know from other blogs, a beautiful Catholic wife and mother named Sarah Harkins died suddenly a couple of days ago after complications from bee stings.  She was pregnant.  Her family is, of course, devastated by this tragedy and some beautiful friends of the family have contrived to help them by setting up [Read More...]

France Offers Asylum to Mosul’s Christians

An embarrassing coda to a decade of disgrace for the United States.  We should be offering asylum to every single one of these people, since it was our war that resulted in this catastrophe.  Instead, it is the reviled French, who wouldn’t be stampeded into that gigantic act of folly and who got the “freedom [Read More...]

And who is my neighbor?

[Read more...]