Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: My wife has a friend in need. His name is Mike. He is not only at the end of his finances with nothing very promising on the horizon but he seems also to be having an existential crisis of faith . . . and losing. Which is probably way his prospects seem [Read More…]

The Epic Hero of History You’ve Never Heard of

A reader sends along a encomium to him here. My own praise for this great man is found in The Work of Mercy: NORMAN BORLAUG IS NOT THE sort of name you think of when it comes to world-historical heroism. A Norwegian Lutheran son of Iowa, he grew up on the prairie, went to college [Read More…]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: I am writing to see if you can help us out – some of us from an FUS alumni women’s group have decided to fundraise for one of our own – Susan Anne. She and her children were in an abusive situation, and she was able to get them out of it, [Read More…]

Support Joshua Hughes in the Battle of Autism

Reader Sheila Hughes, Joshua’s mom, writes This is the last week until the Panhandle Autism Society Walk for Autism awareness and I was informed that Joshua’s fundraising team is only $342 shy of our $1000 goal to help kids through the various programs and resources the Panhandle Autism provides.  If you haven’t already donated, please [Read More…]

Prayer Request and Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Rebecca and Sharb Dussault are childhood friends expecting their fifth child.  Rebecca is a former Olympian and an advisory member of Catholic Athletes for Christ.  My wife and I were talking last night about the old adage that God only gives you what you can handle.  If there is anyone who can [Read More…]

Prayer requests and a work of mercy

A reader writes: My son is in a deep depression. Please pray for him and for us, that we may know what we need to do about it.  He is already under a doctor’s care, but seems to be developing a resistance to the medication. Father, hear our prayer for his complete healing in body, [Read More…]

Prayer Request and a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: I have realized that for the longest time, I have not been enjoying life, rather than merely enduring it. Every day seems like a list of unpleasant experiences, to be rewarded with sleeping and then another day of the same, perhaps worse. What pleasures I do experience I force-feed myself, and what [Read More…]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Sheila Hughes, whose son Joshua is autistic, writes: Hey, Everybody!  We have two weeks until the annual Panhandle Autism Society​ Walk for autism awareness! Joshua is working every day to battle this condition, learning how to regulate his emotions, and improve his expressive language.  This week at his Parent/Teacher conference we discussed that his IEP [Read More…]

Today’s Work of Mercy (click on the graphic)

[Read more…]

In 33 cities, it is now illegal to feed the homeless

“What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the face of the poor?” declares the Lord GOD of hosts. (Is 3:15) This is a serious prolife and religious liberty issue.  The state is infringing on the Church’s right and obligation to perform the corporal works of mercy.  It should be met with firm, [Read More…]