Help the Rockford, Illinois Prolife Community

Today’s chance to do a work of mercy (click the image for more info)! * Scott Richert is going to make a matching donation up to $500, so do your best to help drain his wallet.  And please note the date, which is PDQ. * Please note that this “Walk for Life” has nothing to [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

By Standing with Eden Foods.  They are one of the good guys, with a consistent life ethic selling organic food and, mirabile dictu, thinking that God knew what he was doing when he made nature.  So they also are refusing to be frog marched into somebody’s bedroom to pay for their  contraceptives and are therefore [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Caesar is gouging the Domincan nuns of Summit, NJ for an extra thousand bucks a month so he can build more bombs, bail out more incredibly rich executives of gigantic corporations that piss away millions, and keep Gitmo open. The lovely Dominican Nuns of Summit are, meanwhile, looking at a bust to their operating budget, unless they can [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Miss Elizabeth (“Lizzy”) Anne McIntosh has Krohn’s Disease and could really use your financial support.  The McIntosh’s are friends of the Family Shea, fine Catholic folk, and Not Made of Money.  Krohn’s however, has a hunger for money akin to Kim Kardashian.  So if you can help out Lizzy and her family, you will be [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

The Beloved Cow writes: The Militia of the Immaculata is gearing up for the big season of summer camps and sending young folks out on the road to evangelize to other young folks. They just put up their fund raising page, and I was wondering if you could throw some of that Catholic and Enjoying [Read More...]

Your Chance to do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Dear Friends and Family, Your prayers. Last 10 November, I received the email from Fr Dcn Peter Bushunow pasted below about the imprisonment of Fr Alexander Dorado, a priest serving the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (Agafangel) in Argentina, in a Uruguay prison on the charges of money laundering. You can read about [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: I am wondering if you would be willing to share this with your readers. These are dear friends of ours who have been a tremendous conduit of God’s love to so many people here in Anchorage. They have a fundraiser set up at the following site: Here is an update from [Read More...]

Yet Another Chance to do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: I noticed at times you have posted links on your blog to help  raise awareness of people who need help etc. Some close  friends of mine are in a tough situation with his beautiful young 7 month old daughter Sophie. She was born with a condition called syndactylism , basically the bones [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Six-year old Zaylee, a kindergartner in our Catholic elementary school, has spina bifida. She’s having a carnival on April 20 to raise funds for a friend of her’s (from dance class!) who has shaken baby syndrome which has left her unable to walk by herself. Your generous readers can make donations through the website [Read More...]

Help a Cool Music Project Get Off the Ground!

Here’s your chance at a work of mercy.  My friend Imelda Franklin Bogue is recording a series of musical meditations on the Rosary.  She is a very well-trained singer who does lovely work.  You can go here to throw some shekels into her Kickstarter account and help make it happen! [Read more...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

…for a young woman who is running a marathon to fund her bid to become a nun. She has to pay off $53,000 in student loans. [Read more...]

Save Aquinas and More!

Here’s your chance to do a work of mercy: save the fine Aquinas and More Catholic book and media dealers. [Read more...]