Pewsitter Insults Pope and Jesus

There is a story told about St. Lawrence: At the beginning of August 258, the emperor Valerian issued an edict that all bishops, priests, and deacons should immediately be put to death. Sixtus was captured on 6 August 258, at the cemetery of St. Callixtus while celebrating the liturgy and executed forthwith. After the death [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

A loving mother asks that I pass this along: B, Our Beloved 2nd son of six children is 27yrs old (12/16/1987) he checked himself into a rehab to begin once again his journey of sobriety. We moved to Atlanta in 1996, from Angola, SW Africa. We began going to St Catherine’s daily MASS, and he began [Read More…]

Prayer Requests and Works of Mercy

A reader writes: Prayers, please, Mark.  The 14-year-old boy across the street died last night. Started seizing while watching TV, then cardiac arrest. My son’s best buddy in the neighborhood. Our other kids were sledding with him late in the afternoon. The boys are a mess. Finally got them to sleep at 0130, then State Troopers showed [Read More…]

Ooberfuse does fine work

IRAQI ARCHBISHOP & LONDON BAND AMPLIFY CRIES OF MIDDLE-EAST PERSECUTED  London, United Kingdom / Monday 23rd February / THE OOBERFUSE SHOW / Archbishop Warda of Iraq (Erbil), in his recent visit to London, connected with local band ooberfuse to help highlight, through music, the plight of persecuted minorities in Iraq.  In their musical collaboration, “We are One”, Archbishop [Read More…]

A Chance to Do a Lenten Work of Mercy

A reader passes this along: My family is asking for assistance in obtaining appropriate care for our 2 adopted sons, J.P & S.L.  They both have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, RAD.  The type of care we feel the boys need now is a residential treatment facility.  These types of treatment facilities cost $5,000.00 [Read More…]

50 Shades of Mercy

It seems to me that if Catholics are smart, we would take the launch of Fifty Shades of Grey to ally with feminists of good will and say that decent human beings do not glorify domestic abuse, but instead support efforts to fight domestic abuse and uphold the dignity of women (and all sentient creatures [Read More…]

Filmmaker Kirk Gillon needs our help

Kirk is a friend of mine.  He’s doing a documentary on the homeless and on the barbarity of the laws that are popping up forbidding people from helping to feed them.  He writes: I am asking for your support for my Indiegogo campaign, I have HOURS left to raise funds to continue filming. 90 year [Read More…]

Christian Heroism

A reader writes: Christian Missionaries in Iraq now risking their lives to save Muslim children. We know them personally. These are Christians acting in the name of Christ.They are risking their lives for the Gospel in Iraq for our Muslim brothers and sisters. NO GREATER LOVE …  “Why would Christians help Muslims?”, some poor soul [Read More…]

Prayer requests and works of mercy

Please help this family if you can. Their newborn has a hole in his heart and they need money to cover airfare for commutes between El Paso and Houston. Please pray for them too. Also, a reader writes: My friend/co-worker and his wife are in their early 30s; she (Emma) has not been feeling well [Read More…]

Burying the Dead

The last in my series on the Corporal Works of Mercy. If you are interested in more about the works of mercy, see my book The Work of Mercy. [Read more…]