Save Aquinas and More!

Here’s your chance to do a work of mercy: save the fine Aquinas and More Catholic book and media dealers. [Read more...]

Many People Have Said, “Someday I’m Gonna Make Zippy Pay!”

Now’s your chance! Everybody’s favorite combox warrior is offering to pay two-dollars-for-your-one-dollar in support of the Little Sisters of the Poor. [Read more...]

Adopt a Cardinal

Here’s a chance to do a work of mercy: Adopt a cardinal to pray for during the conclave. [Read more...]

I am Adam Lanza’s Therapist

A woman who works with kids similar to Lanza talks about her work. God bless her. [Read more...]

Hey Catholic Youth in the Diocese of Davenport!

Here’s a shot at a work of mercy: Calling all Catholic Young Adults in and around the Diocese of Davenport!  Join the Catholic Young Adult Network (CYAN) for its first annual service trip. Who: Riverbend Food Bank Mobile Pantry What: Unloading truck, setting up tables, delivering groceries. When: Sat. Feb. 23rd Where: Second Baptist Church, [Read More...]

Your chance to do a work of mercy!

Each year individuals enter religious vocation, but are hindered by student loan debt. Katrina Beck has entered religious formation as a postulant with the Franciscan Sisters of Christ the Divine Teacher in Iowa. She too has student loan debt and is prayerfully requesting assistance for her loans. If each person gave even $5, we’d go [Read More...]

Blazing Catfur writes from the Great White North

It was decided by all parties that a settlement was in everyone’s best interest. I appreciate the support you provided but now must ask for assistance to retire my outstanding legal fees. I am sorry to have to ask but any donation that you could give will be appreciated. Paypal donations may be made by [Read More...]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

ST. EDMUND’S RETREAT AT ENDERS ISLAND STILL RECOVERING FROM FORCE OF HURRICANE SANDY Millions of Dollars of Damage Incurred at Nonprofit Catholic Retreat Center in Connecticut January 25, 2013 (Mystic, CT) — Located on Enders Island in Mystic, Connecticut, each year over 16,000 people cross the causeway onto St. Edmund’s Retreat, seeking spiritual renewal, direction [Read More...]

Erin Manning Makes a Good Point

When a Catholic school punishes a teacher for being pregnant out of wedlock by firing her, three things are communicated: 1) The Church doesn’t really believe all that mercy stuff; 2) The Church doesn’t really believe in supporting women in crisis pregnancies and they might as well abort for all we care; 3) What matters [Read More...]

Caesar Forbids Charity to do Works of Mercy

Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. So stop feeding the homeless, Christians. Here is what Christians should say to Seattle Caesar: “We must obey God rather than men. Drop dead.” Then we should set to work subverting this stupid rule at every opportunity. [Read more...]

Prayer Requests and a Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes to ask for prayer for her friend: Kristin is raising 9 minor children alone after her husband walked out- please pray for her- her latest child support payment was $1.46- not a typo- see the check here Father, hear our prayer for swift help to this woman and her children, and repentance [Read More...]

Prayer Request and Chance to do a work of mercy

A reader writes: This little boy has suffered immense burns (the father did as well) and the family is in need of a lot of prayer and financial support. Could you give your readers a heads up? Father, hear our pray for the complete healing of Fulton and his father.  Give wisdom, skill, and [Read More...]