Prayer Request and Work of Mercy Opportunity

Reader Timothy Trosclair writes: You have helped me before in the past, both financially and in matters of doctrine. Would you please consider helping again? Our family is in desperate need of financial help in order to care for my sister, Tracie. Tracie’s suicidal desires, manic episodes, extreme depression, and personality disorder have caused her [Read More...]

Extremely Yummy Work of Mercy

A reader writes: This Catholic family is making the transition to full-time farming. (They have been developing the farm while the dad – a deacon – has been working a town job, but his company is closing down.) If people pre-order enough maple and/or birch syrup from them, they can raise the funds to buy [Read More...]

Given that History, While Not Repeating Itself, Often Rhymes…

…it may be handy for us to look at the lessons of the Danes who saved Jews during the Shoah. [Read more...]

A Chance to Do a Work of Mercy in Sudan

I’m passing this along: As we celebrate the birth of Christ, I ask you, from the bottom of my heart, to remember the people of Sudan, who are in desperate need of your help. Click here to watch this brief video of Dr. Tom explaining what is needed in the Sudan this Christmas. They are being maimed [Read More...]

And yet another chance to do a work of mercy

Dear Friends of the Hospice, Many of you have been asking for a while when/whether St. Joseph’s Hospice in Rawalpindi could set up a PayPal account.  The day has come!  In partnership with the home of all the St. Joseph’s Hospices worldwide, Jospice International in the UK, we have now set up a PayPal account. For all [Read More...]

Another Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader (who you guys helped a year or so ago) writes on behalf of a friend in a desperate situation: Mark, This is the nephew of a woman I know. This young couple and their three children are homeless, camping out with family, looking for work. Now their van has been totaled, leaving [Read More...]

Urgent Work of Mercy Needed

UPDATE: My reader tells me folks have donated about $350 so far. That is fantastic and I want to say “Booyah!” to one and all for helping this family. However, they need a total of $1100 (plus a little Christmas for their autistic child). If you can, could you step up with whatever you can? [Read More...]

Work of Mercy Opportunity

A reader writes: Good morning Mark, I am sending this message to several family members and friends who i think might like to help out. I received this message from one of my dear friends from childhood this morning: “If you’d like to help out with some direct Philippines relief, let Juvy and me know. [Read More...]

Wave of prayer

Caritas writes: Join us in our wave of prayer to end hunger at midday 10th December to kick off our campaign “One human family, food for all”. The wave starts in Samoa and will cross every continent in the world. One human family, food for all offers a unique opportunity for our voices to join [Read More...]

Advent Work of Mercy Opportunity

A reader writes: Hello Mark, here is a worthy project of Mercy. I know Lucy O’Donoghue, who is spearheading this fight to keep St Joseph’s open. She has launched a multifaceted campaign to raise money that will enable the hospice to survive as well as asking for people to pray. As an example of Christian [Read More...]