Herod Still Slaughters Innocents

Project Hope does good work, if you are looking for a way to respond. [Read more…]

Please help Baby Hannah and her family!

Simcha Fisher writes: Please friends, pray for little baby Hannah and her loving family. Hannah was born premature, seemed to be doing okay, but then started having seizures. They now think she has a terminal illness. I can’t imagine what they are all going through. Prayer map in the comments. They are asking for the [Read More…]

British Boy Marvels at Kansas City’s Kindness…

…as he battles bone cancer. Such a beautiful thing to see. Bravo KC! [Read more…]

Timothy Putnam and his family need our help

He’s one of my partners in crime at Breadbox Media and he and his family are having a tough Advent. He talks about what is happening here. Please click on the link, learn about Timothy and his family, and help if you can. And if you can’t help, please pray for them. [Read more…]

Please help find Anne Marie Delaney

UPDATE:  Good news!  She has been found!  Thanks for your prayers! Anne Marie Delaney is 5’8”, about 100 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen in Portland, but her husband apparently believes she was headed south, It’s believed that she may respond favorably if approached by a priest. As her husband [Read More…]

Please help a poor mom of two in hospital make a Christmas

A reader writes: My name is Rob Morton. I am engaged to Rose Vinh to be married. She is currently in the hospital and asked me to contact you via her face book. She is asking for your prayers and for help with Christmas gifts for her two sons. Ages Four and Seven. A paypal [Read More…]

Suggested Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Now that Trump’s won, I think it’s a great time to give to charity that mitigates things he’s likely to do that are against Church teaching. Organizations that work to resettle refugees and help immigrants will need our help more than ever. Charity Navigator can point you to the reliable charities. [Read more…]

Seven Virtual Acts of Mercy, Plus One

Courtesy of Auxiliary bishop of Sydney Richard Umbers! Thanks for the shout out! [Read more…]

Get more bang for your buck, more rubble for your ruble, more pounding for your pound

and other wildly inappropriate military metaphors that get the point across if you aren’t too literal-minded by donating to the Catholic Medical Mission Board and having every dollar multiplied 185 times! Go here to help them in their vital work to help victims of the hurricane in Haiti and other spots around the world. [Read more…]

Please help a woman in need if you can

A reader writes: This is a close friend of mine, and I can confirm all of the material facts (she’s a divorced, devoted single mom; she works full time despite all her health issues, which I’m also aware of; she’s drowning in medical debt from surgeries). Plus I can confirm she’s an amazing and beautiful [Read More…]