Reader Jason Hall writes…

I am at the USCCB’s National Migration Conference this week. Today I heard several stories about these children. In Honduras, which would be declared a failed state at this point if it wasn’t in the Western Hemisphere, a gang came to a woman’s house to tell her her two young daughters had been selected to be [Read More...]

Remember When?

…a few years back when the big panic was all about how Teh Muslims[TM] were out-breeding us and we needed more Christian children. Also how Teh Gummint[TM] was robbing us of the chance to be charitable with its damned social safety nets for the poor and vulnerable (cuz us Christians who put a dollar in [Read More...]

Another Way to Help Iraqis Whose Lives are Being Destroyed…

…is to support [Read more...]

The Death of the Church in Mosul

For the first time in 1600 years, there was no Mass in Mosul this weekend. Our war in Iraq failed to meet one single criterion for Just War.  There was no lasting, grave, and certain threat, and this led to the Duplicity Tango. Step 1 of the Duplicity Tango: Ignore the people calling to finish [Read More...]

Prayer Requests and a Work of Mercy for Sudan

A reader writes: It would appear that the place where I have been living for a number of years will likely be sold by the end of summer. Therefore, I am in need of a new place to live out my eremitic vocation. What I have quickly learned is that I simply do not enjoy [Read More...]

There are ways to help the victims in Iraq

Mercy Corps is one of them. We who supported the creation of this catastrophe have a special obligation to help the victims of our folly. [Read more...]

A chance to do a work of mercy to a young boy

A reader writes: I was wondering if you could help me get the word out for a young boy with a big heart? Attached is a picture of my 6 year-old nephew, Noah. In April, he was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and is being treated at the Children’s Mercy Hospital. He [Read More...]

A reader writes with a chance to do a work of mercy

Sez he: On Saturday June 7, tragedy struck my cousin Ashley Malone and her sons when her partner Jason was suddenly killed in a drowning accident in Vermont. Jason had no life Insurance and Ashley and the boys will be left destitute after the costs of the funeral and the dramatic decrease in monthly income. [Read More...]

A Chance for a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: If you have a chance, I would greatly appreciate it if you would promote a project that some of us here in the Diocese of Boise have been working on. Also, prayers for my father would also be appreciated. He has been battling cancer for about six years and is now in [Read More...]

A chance to do a work of mercy

A friend of our family passes this along on behalf of a friend of his: My name is Max Neff Warner, I was born and raised in seattle and am currently going to college just north of the city.  My best friend is Daniel Mar, and its been that way for as long as I [Read More...]

Your Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

A reader writes: I was wondering if you would allow me share a “gofundme” project I have started on behalf of the local American Legion post that my dad and godparents are members. It is for a new furnace and other building repairs. [Read more...]

A work of mercy worth supporting

A reader writes: You were kind enough to help advertise the Seattle Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally when I was on the command team a while back and made the request, so I’m hoping you may be willing to help me with another project. I am now the teacher of a small, devoutly Catholic preschool in Redmond. The school [Read More...]