A fine little work of mercy!

A reader writes: I’m working on a project to supplement my family’s income so I can afford next year’s tuition as our second child starts kindergarten. I have 7 days left to sell a minimum of 25 shirts. If you like the look, would you be willing to post a link to get the word [Read More...]

Calah Alexander writes with a Prayer Request and a Work of Mercy

One of my favorite professors from UD, the one who taught the Ogre and I that love mattered more than laws (the Thomistic idea of love, just so we’re clear, not the fuzzy Care-bear crap kind), has started a GiveForward fund for a Ukrainian poet who, along with her young son, survived Chernobyl. This poet, [Read More...]

Seems worth supporting

Go here if you want to kick some money in. [Read more...]

Today’s Work of Mercy

A reader writes: These are friends of ours. Young family, with four children. Lizz found out that she has cancer. Not good. Please see this, and please pass it along. |||| Elizabeth and Ryan Lovett, parents to: Aletheia, Ambrose, Petra and Virgil, need your love and support. Lizz has been diagnosed with Metastatic Papillary Renal [Read More...]

Partly a Chance to Do a Work of Mercy, Partly a Chance for Some Quality Goods

Simcha Fisher’s pal Robin Broun has a GoFundMe campaign going to get her Goat Milk Soap business airborne. Here’s her story: You have seen movies where a girl grows up and gets dealt one bad hand after another — but she keeps struggling? And where she grows up and has children of her own, and [Read More...]

Friends of the Little Portion Hermitage

I’ve always loved John Michael Talbot and admired his work, both in music, and as a leader in the Christian community. That said, *this* Little Portion has nothing to do with John Michael’s Little Portion.  But it’s still a very cool and Catholic thing. My friend Kevin Lowry at the Coming Home Network gives the scoop: Brother Rex Anthony [Read More...]

Reader Alisha de Freitas could use your help

Please sign her petition. [Read more...]

Support the Panhandle Autism Society

A friend writes: I wanted to make you aware of a fundraiser our family is involved with to help kids like Joshua who have autism. April 12th is a day we will be walking for awareness and in our case, to support others trying to “tumble down the walls of Autism”. If you could support [Read More...]

Feeding the Hungry…

means giving the poor what is justly theirs.  We continue looking at the corporal works of mercy over at the Register. For the full meal deal on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, see The Work of Mercy: Being the Hands and Heart of Christ. [Read more...]

Yet Another Work of Mercy Opportunity

Jacqueline Stein from the Shrine of Christ the King writes: I just supported the Institute Of Christ The King Sovereign Priest at AmazonSmile (http://smile.amazon.com/). I shop. Amazon gives! From now through 3/31/2014, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate an extra $5 for each customer who makes an eligible purchase at smile.amazon.com in support of Institute of [Read More...]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Students for Life writes: In just a couple of weeks, Students for Life will host our SOLD-OUT Northwest Leadership Summit in Seattle on April 5th. And I need your help to sponsor one of our 80 Northwest student leaders who will be attending. Can you pitch in $15 today to sponsor one student? Why am [Read More...]

Prayer Request and a Possible Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Prayers, please, for my friend John, who is doing life in an Illinois prison. He recently converted to Catholicism based on the influence of a friend. His friend has, for some reason, lost interest and doesn’t want to go to Mass anymore. John is lonely and isolated, surrounded by all kinds of [Read More...]