You can help save a life today

Yesterday the state of Georgia issued an execution warrant for Kelly Renee Gissendaner. In 10 days she will die — unless we act now. Despite the tireless efforts of Kelly Gissendaner’s legal team and the outcry from people of faith all over America, despite Kelly’s powerful story of transformation and redemption, state officials are determined [Read More…]

My filmmaker friend, Kirk Gillon, is doing a documentary on the homeless and writes…

I want to thank all of the supporters from our first campaign! We have been filming 9 months now, and we are almost with a completed film. We need YOUR help NOW to pay for music composition and final mix! We are already in the process, but need more funds. Our film will be completed [Read More…]

Today’s Work of Mercy Opportunity

Reader Gregory Mitchell writes: I was wondering if you might share this through your social media outlets. There is this great new App produced by the Offical Catholic US Missions Society and Propagation of the Faith it is at . It was the brainchild of Pope Francis himself to have an application that would [Read More…]

Nigerian Reader Delali Godwin Adazie writes

Dear uncle Mark Shea, Good morning. Can you please support this campaign of mine to raise some funds by sharing it with your friends? Thank you. Delali is a good egg and a faithful Catholic witness.  I love the man.  If you can help him, it’ll be a work of mercy. [Read more…]

The Largest Mass of Displaced Persons Since World War II

Tragic Numbers from MarkFiore on Vimeo. Listen to the Pope, not to an anti-Christian, anti-human Right Wing Noise Machine that seeks to tell you that this massive tide of human suffering is some nefarious invading force. But he, desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” Jesus replied, “A man was [Read More…]

Help Indy Catholic Filmmakers Get Their Movie Out

Today’s work of mercy: I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share this letter about a feature documentary film my husband and I have been producing in Afghanistan for three years. I would be very grateful if you could watch the trailer and share something about the film and campaign on Facebook. We really [Read More…]

Knights of Columbus Helping Out in the Mideast

As New Commercial Airs, Knights of Columbus Fund Month’s Supply of Food for Iraqi Christians Commercial features priest once tortured by extremists and now running refugee camp NEW HAVEN, Conn. – As September begins, the Knights of Columbus is unveiling a new television commercial and will finance the delivery of one month’s supply of food [Read More…]

Today’s Work of Mercy

Mein kinder Peter sends this along: A Militia Immaculata camp leader friend of mine sent this to me. I thought you might want to put it on your blog. Looks like a worthy cause.  Please help if you can. [Read more…]

Walk Like MADD looks like a worthy cause

[Read more…]

Help Replace a Murder Inc. Chop Shop with an Actual Women’s Clinic

This looks like a worthy goal: A reader writes: As more videos are released about Planned Parenthood and America begins to see the truth, we now more than ever need to ensure women have access to quality care and compassionate alternatives to abortion. Our goal through this GoFundMe campaign is to raise $25,000 to go [Read More…]