Serial Killer Released After Explaining…

…that killing was only 3% of what he did. It was only 300,000 victims a year.  He’s actually a hero when you think about it, mentally, I mean. [Read more…]

Today is Yom HaShoah

Meanwhile, in Chechnya, the president “vows to eliminate gay population by the end of May” [Read more…]

Hey Ireland!

Ronan Mullen of your Seanad writes: The Government has launched the heads of its ‘Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013’. I enclose below for your information the transcript of what I said in the Seanad on Wednesday during the Order of Business debate. I hope to give a more considered analysis of the Bill [Read More…]

“Forfeiting the Right to Life”

…is under discussion here.  Among End to Evil types eager to export democracywhiskeysexy to the world at gunpoint, as well as among Death Penalty Maximalists, there is a cherished notion that people they want to kill have “forfeited the right to life”.  The Church’s attitude toward killing is extremely minimalist.  It is legit, when  protecting [Read More…]


I can be an insensitive jerk. Yesterday, I posted a snarky comment about Obama’s drone strikes and linked it to Boston. Too soon. I resented it when jerks jumped on Newtown to score political points. So I shouldn’t have posted what I did. Mea culpa. The post is gone. I’m sorry. God love Boston. [Read more…]

The Murder of Innocents

is evil, whether it is done in Philadelphia, Boston or Pakistan. [Read more…]