Is “Dear David” A Faery?

In my experience as a psychic when people claim that their house is haunted, it usually turns out that it isn’t. This could be different things: an overactive imagination, psychic energy being lashed around (such as a psychic individual going through puberty) or just plain paranoia. But the story of “Dear David” caught my attention. Adam Ellis, the creator of popular online comics has been documenting his experiences with his haunting.

Image Credit: Tertia Van Rensburg | CC0 License
Image Credit: Tertia Van Rensburg | CC0 License

After reading the thread, I came to a different conclusion. He may definitely being pestered by a spirit, but I don’t think it’s a ghost – I think it’s a faery. When the average person thinks of a faery they think of “Tinkerbell” and cutesy Victorian sprites – which is a far cry from the faery lores of Europe.  But the fae are noted to have a wide variety of forms, sometimes unsettling. As witches we tend to (half jokingly) state that we rather deal with demons and ghosts any day before a pissed off faery.

Faeries like humans are of various temperaments and personalities. While there’s different lore on who or what exactly they are, there tends to be a common belief that they’re our closest kin spiritually, having a strong connection to the Earth as home. Some theories link them with ancient ancestors and later on with the rise of Christianity they were linked to the idea of being unbaptized children who died and were stuck in a purgatory-type state. Regardless of what they were, their power was always respected, even when the Christian faiths took over. Terms for the fae such as “the good neighbors” and “the good children” and such were not given to them out of admiration, but out of fear – so they wouldn’t accidentally offend a faery that overheard them speaking about them. Asking a psychic friend they agree that the spirit feels “feral” like a “nature spirit”.

I will be sharing a few selected tweets with my thoughts and psychic impressions, but I definitely encourage you to check out his twitter and read the whole story as there’s a lot of parts that I’m leaving out for sake of space and time. Like all psychic information, there’s a chance that some of the interpretations of what I’m receiving is a bit off from the symbols and impressions I’m receiving. There may also be aspects of the situation that I’m not picking up on. So take it with a grain of salt. But I wanted to share why it sounds like the fae to me and some impressions that I’ve received.

Now she tells him that he can ask two questions of “dear david” but never specifies if that means he’ll tell the truth. I also think that the question thing is a spirit-contract. The spirit was trying to make communication but had to wait for an agreement to actually come into his home instead of just dreams. The idea of asking a spirit three questions or requesting three wishes is also a strong motif in folk lore.

In my experience, not all cats sense spirits and ghosts, some have the natural ability, others don’t. But in old faery lore, they can all sense the fae. Midnight is also a strong motif in old faery lore.

The blackening of the doorway sounds like faery glamoury to the proportions of folk lore that I’ve never experienced but is recorded and heavily tied to faery myths.

It usually takes a lot for a ghost to actually move objects, rare cases like poltergeist, but the fae are known to be able to move objects with ease (and everyone knows if they’re messing with you they’ll take something and move it somewhere else). Ghosts if they’re able to move objects like a poltergeist will screw around with the electricity a ton as that’s way easier for them to control than physical objects, which doesn’t seem to be happening to Adam.

A connection I haven’t seen Adam make is that David likes green. The green rocking chair, the turtle shell, etc. Perhaps this is because it reminds David of nature? Perhaps because the crystal (or object) he’s attached to is green. Speaking to Morgan Damlier, an expert on the Fairy Faiths and Irish Witchcraft, I was informed that “green is a fairy color, so much so that in Scotland there’s an old superstition that women shouldn’t wear green because it will bring bad luck through offending the fairies.”

Smudging would do nothing for a faery, neither would salt. If anything it would annoy it (hence showing up in a dream with smoke). Especially if the person doesn’t know what they’re doing. The fae are also capable of shapeshifting and changing sizes. Traditionally it’s iron and steel that the fae cannot stand and was used as a form of protection from them. Also looking into his work, it looks like Adam loves crystals a lot. So that might be further validity for what I’m picking up. A home full of crystals could be boosting his psychic perception.

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