Know-Nothings Appeal to Protestant Women of America, 1856


On America’s great baptismal day, the Spirit of God moved like a wave over the whole nation; it was Protestant America, and the Bible was the cornerstone on which the mighty structure rested; and when we inquire what it is that is now shaking America, and attempting to unsettle her basis, and toss her like [Read More...]

The “Bogus Knights of Columbus Oath”


The Knights of Columbus is organized into four degrees of membership, the fourth being the highest. In the early 1900’s a document was circulated alleging to be the order’s fourth degree oath, in which members promised to wage endless war on Protestants. Known as the “Bogus Oath,” it was frequently cited by anti-Catholic lecturers and [Read More...]

Former Know-Nothing Converts to Catholicism


The Order of the Star Spangled Banner was founded in New York in 1849 in opposition to the rise of a predominantly Catholic immigration to the United States. Members were pledged to secrecy about the order. When asked about it, they answered “I know nothing”; hence the nickname the “Know-Nothings.” During the 1850′s, membership rose [Read More...]