Bishop Thomas Galberry, O.S.A., Hartford, Connecticut (1833-1878)


RIGHT REV. THOMAS GALBERRY, O.S.A., Fourth Bishop of Hartford Thomas Galberry first saw the light at Naas, in the County Kildare, Ireland, in 1833, but three years after his birth, his parents came to this country and settled in Philadelphia. Here he received his early training, and at the age of sixteen, entered Villanova College. [Read More...]

Montana’s First Bishop Recounts Audience with Pope Leo XIII, 1890

Bishop John Baptist Brondel (1842-1903)

“Bishop Brondel in Rome,” The Tablet, June 7, 1890 SIR,— I wish to communicate to you as well as I can the account of an audience received yesterday at 12:30 from His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. When I was ushered into the presence of the Vicar of Christ, a feeling of religious awe took hold [Read More...]

Bishop Arrested in Civil War Mississippi, 1864


MOST REV. WILLIAM HENRY ELDER Third Bishop of Natchez Second Archbishop of Cincinnati William Henry Elder was born in Baltimore in the year 1819, and, corresponding to the pious wish of his parents early in life, looked forward to the priesthood as the work of his life. He began his studies in Mount St Mary’s [Read More...]