Virginia’s First Bishop: Patrick Kelly (1820-1822)


VIRGINIA’S FIRST BISHOP Right Rev. Patrick Kelly. First Bishop of Richmond, A.D. 1820   Bishop Kelly was a native of Ireland. He was for many years Professor, and at the time of his appointment as Bishop, President of Birchfield College, near Kilkenny. In 1820 the Catholics of Norfolk, Virginia, and those of Charleston, South Carolina, [Read More...]

The Convert Brothers: General and Bishop Rosecrans

General Rosecrans

Born at Kingston, Ohio, 6 Sept., 1819; died near Redondo, California 11 March, 1898. The family came originally from Holland and settled in Pennsylvania, moving thence to Ohio.His mother was a daughter of Samuel Hopkins, a soldier of the Revolution and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He graduated at the U. [Read More...]

First American Bishop Eulogizes President Washington, 1800


Bishop John Carroll’s Eulogy on the Death of President Washington, February 22nd, 1800 When the death of men distinguished by superior talents, high endowments, and eminent virtues to their country, demands the expression of public mourning and grief their loss is accompanied generally with this mitigation, that, however grievous and painful, it is not irreparable; [Read More...]