First American Bishop Eulogizes President Washington, 1800


Bishop John Carroll’s Eulogy on the Death of President Washington, February 22nd, 1800 When the death of men distinguished by superior talents, high endowments, and eminent virtues to their country, demands the expression of public mourning and grief their loss is accompanied generally with this mitigation, that, however grievous and painful, it is not irreparable; [Read More...]

America’s First Italian Bishop: Joseph Rosati, C.M. (1789-1843)

Bp Rosati

RIGHT REV. JOSEPH ROSATI, First Bishop of St. Louis Joseph Rosati was born at Sora, in Italy, January 30, 1789, of a respectable and pious family. After his studies he entered the novitiate of the Priests of the Mission at Rome, and made his theological course at Monte Citorio under the apostolic Father De Andreis, [Read More...]

Quote of the Day, from Bishop John Lancaster Spalding (1840-1916)


January 20 To become an ethical fact, to have moral worth, knowledge must pass into action. When scholars become doers, the new order will begin. Minnie R. Cowan, ed., The Spalding Year-Book: Quotations from the Writings of Bishop John Lancaster Spalding for Each Day of the Year (Chicago: A.C. McClurg, 1905), 13. [Read more...]