My Youtube Commercial!

Please check out my commercial for the new book on my Vlog! [Read more...]

The Cover of My New Book!


Dear Friends, I would like to offer a word of apology and an explanation for my silence these past few months. On January 19, my daughter Theresa was hit by a car and broke her leg. Although she has recovered rapidly and is healing strongly, I have been acting as her unofficial factotum-nurse-caretaker for the [Read More...]

The Poet of the Confederacy: Father Abram J. Ryan (1839-1886)


The poet-priest of the South, born at Norfolk, Virginia, 15 August, 1839; died at Louisville, Kentucky, 22 April, 1886. He inherited from his parents, in its most poetic and religious form, the strange witchery of the Irish temper. Fitted for the priesthood by a nature at once mystic and spiritual, be was ordained just before [Read More...]