“A Heart and a Half”: Brother Andronis, F.S.C. (1811-1898)

Brother Andronis

The Brothers of the Christian School (Fratres Scholarum Christianarum) were founded by St. John Baptist De La Salle in 1600′s France. The community first came to the United States in 1848, beginning their work in New York City. Over the next few years the Brothers established parochial schools, high schools and colleges nationwide. Their institutions of [Read More...]

A Brother Pioneer: Brother Pastoris, F.S.C. (1819-1874)


Brother Pastoris, F.S.C. (1819-1874) Brother Pastoris (Jules J. Deville, 1819-1874), the austere and apostolic member of this pioneer band, was born in France on March 4, 1819. He entered the novitiate at Cluire-lez-Lyon at the age of twenty-three and received the religious habit on February 14, 1842. He spent only one year in New York, [Read More...]

The De La Salle Christian Brothers


The Brothers of the Christian Schools. The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools is a teaching congregation, founded in the year 1680, St. John Baptist de la Salle, priest, and Doctor of Divinity. The establishment of this important society is the fruit of the prayers of a pious association, organized in France about [Read More...]