Catholics in the Movies: Ruth Clifford (1900-1998)

Ruth Clifford

Born in Naragansett, Rhode Island, Ruth Clifford attended St. Mary’s Seminary, a Catholic girls school there. After her mother’s death, she went to live with her aunt, an actress in California. She began a 62-year-career in film and television in 1915 as a teenager. By the 1920’s she was playing lead roles, but with the [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: George O’Brien (1899-1985)

George OBrien

The son of San Francisco’s police chief, George O’Brien was the grandson of Irish immigrants who settled in that city during the 1870’s. After graduating high school, he served in the Navy during World War I. He served as a stretcher bearer during the war and was later Light Heavyweight Champion of the Pacific Fleet. [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: King Baggot (1879-1948)

King Baggott

The son of an Irish immigrant from Limerick, William King Baggot was born in St. Louis, where he attended Christian Brothers College High School. After working in Chicago, he played soccer in St. Louis and joined a parish theater group, which was his first exposure to acting. After several years on stage (he appeared on [Read More...]