Catholics in the Movies: King Baggot (1879-1948)

King Baggott

The son of an Irish immigrant from Limerick, William King Baggot was born in St. Louis, where he attended Christian Brothers College High School. After working in Chicago, he played soccer in St. Louis and joined a parish theater group, which was his first exposure to acting. After several years on stage (he appeared on [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: Nita Naldi (1894-1961)


Nita Naldi was born Mary Nonna Dooley on East 114th Street in Harlem in what was then a largely Irish neighborhood. She was named for her great-aunt, Sister Mary Nonna Dunphy, foundress and Mother Superior of Holy Angels Academy in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Her parents were both of Irish ancestry, Patrick and Julia Cronin [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: Maurice Costello (1877-1950)

Maurice Costello

This week McNamara’s Blog features the Catholic presence in American film during the┬ásilent and early sound era. A large amount of actors and actresses were Catholics, many of them Irish. Today we feature Maurice Costello, one of the first matinee idols of any kind. Born to Irish Catholic immigrant parents, Costello grew up in Pittsburgh. [Read More...]