A Poem in Honor of the Feast of St. Philip Neri (1515-1595)


ST. PHILIP IN HIS GOD Philip, on thee the glowing ray Of heaven came down upon thy prayer, To melt thy heart, and burn away All that of earthly dross was there. Thy soul became as purest glass, Through which the Brightness Incarnate In undimm’d majesty might pass, Transparent and illuminate. And so, on Philip [Read More...]

Catholic Poetry: “You Silent Dead,” In Honor of the Civil War Veterans


“YOU SILENT DEAD” By Sister Ignatius Summer, R.S.M. The silent dead! The silent dead! I’ve lingered where they sleep in peace, Where care, and want, or thought of dread There anguished vigils cease. Our silent dead! Our silent dead! They lure me to their mossy rest, Where roses, snowy petals shed, And birds sing requiems [Read More...]

Catholic Poetry: “A Christmas Song” by Teresa Brayton (1868-1943)


O LORD, as You lay so soft and white, A Babe in a manger stall, With the big star flashing across the night, Did You know and pity us all? Did the wee hands, close as a rosebud curled, With the call of their mission ache, To be out and saving a weary world For your [Read More...]