Catholic Poetry

Mother OConnor RSM NYC

THE SISTER OF MERCY By Author Unknown  She shares in the hopes of those who sow, In the gladness of those who reap; She smiles for the joys that the joyful know, And she weeps with those who weep. She prays for the living—she prays for the dead; She joins in the children’s fun; And [Read More...]

“St. Vincent De Paul,” a Poem, 1862


ST. VINCENT DE PAUL A hymn to St. Vincent De Paul, The Apostle of brotherly love! He cared for the great and the small, As sons of one Father above. He taught men in luxury’s dome, The wisdom that feareth the Lord; He taught men in poverty’s dome, That patience trusts in his word. From [Read More...]

“How the Young Colonel Died”

Cold Harbor

HOW THE YOUNG COLONEL DIED By David Gray You want to hear me tell you how the young Colonel died, God help me memory will not fail on that, nor tongue be tied. Aye, write it down and print it in your biggest type of gold. For sure, a braver heart than his no mortal [Read More...]