Funeral Sermon for Civil War Nurse, 1897


Born Mary Agnes Grace in 1812, Sister Mary Gonzaga, S.C., was in charge of the Satterlee Hospital in Philadelphia during the Civil War, when she helped tend many casualties from the Battle of Gettysburg.  The sermon at her 1897 funeral Mass was delivered by Father John Scully, S. J., Rector of St. Joseph’s Church, Philadelphia:   [Read More...]

Major Henry F. Brownson (1835-1913): Holy Cross Alumnus, Civil War Veteran, Lay Leader


Henry Francis Brownson was born at Canton, Mass., August 7 1835. His father was the celebrated Orestes A Brownson, who was baptized by the founder of Holy Cross College, Bishop Fenwick. Wishing to become a Catholic, the young Henry asked his father’s consent to go to Holy Cross, a prospectus of which had accidentally fallen [Read More...]

Did the Jesuits Assassinate Lincoln?


According to this anti-Catholic pamphlet issued in the 1920′s, they did. In the years following the Civil War, every time a wave of anti-Catholicism engulfed the United States (which it frequently did into the 1920′s), some person or group published a leafelt, booklet, even a book, claiming that the Vatican was to blame for the [Read More...]