Student Reminiscences of 1820′s Georgetown


RECOLLECTIONS, GEORGETOWN COLLEGE IN 1820. Woodstock Letters (1885): 264-267.  About the middle of the afternoon of September 15th or 16th, 1820, the stage from Baltimore rumbled into the yard of Georgetown College and set down a lot of unfortunates. Amongst them was your humble servant. It is 65 years since, and perhaps a few reminiscences of [Read More...]

Major Henry F. Brownson (1835-1913): Holy Cross Alumnus, Civil War Veteran, Lay Leader


Henry Francis Brownson was born at Canton, Mass., August 7 1835. His father was the celebrated Orestes A Brownson, who was baptized by the founder of Holy Cross College, Bishop Fenwick. Wishing to become a Catholic, the young Henry asked his father’s consent to go to Holy Cross, a prospectus of which had accidentally fallen [Read More...]

“How the Young Colonel Died”

Cold Harbor

HOW THE YOUNG COLONEL DIED By David Gray You want to hear me tell you how the young Colonel died, God help me memory will not fail on that, nor tongue be tied. Aye, write it down and print it in your biggest type of gold. For sure, a braver heart than his no mortal [Read More...]