Catholics on Stage, 1919


Hubert Savile, “Convent-Bred Thespians,” Theatre Magazine, Volume 30 (July 1919): 34.  SHAKESPEARE, the patron saint of actors and actresses, caused Hamlet to say to Ophelia, “Get thee to a nunnery.” It is a curious fact that many of the successful stage players were educated in religious institutions. A careful investigation reveals some interesting details. Sarah [Read More...]

Holy Cross College Alumnus Becomes Confederate General, 1863


The College of the Holy Cross was founded in 1843 by Father Benedict Joseph Fenwick, a Jesuit who later became second Bishop of Boston. New England’s first Catholic college, its early students Irish immigrants like General Patrick Guiney, who fought for the North in the Civil War, as well as the Healy brothers Patrick, James [Read More...]

“The Church Would Look Foolish Without Them”: Thomas F. O’Rorke, Bronx, New York


THOS. F. O’RORKE, of 692 Union Avenue, the Bronx, is one of the solid men of the borough—the owner of valuable property. He was one of the first to discern what lay in the future for that part of the country, and as he deserves, has profited by his discernment. We can say of him, [Read More...]