Catholic Poetry: “The Hound of Heaven” by Francis Thompson (1859-1907)


In the early twentieth century, Francis Thompson’s poem “The Hound of Heaven” was very popular among Catholic readers in the English-speaking world. (The playwright Eugene O’Neill could recite it from memory.) The poem arose from Thompson’s battle with drug addiction and his recovery. In Thompson’s poem, God is the “Hound of Heaven” who relentlessly but consistently [Read More...]

George Hasenour (1841-1915): Soldier, Teacher, Entrepeneur


A Civil War Veteran: George Hasenour , Celestine, Indiana    George Hasenour, a gallant ex-soldier and one of the best-known businessmen of Celestine, Dubois County, Indiana, was born in Louisville, Kentucky, August 15, 1841, the eldest of the seven children of Martin and Tharsila Hasenour, natives of Germany. Martin Hasenour and wife, soon after marriage, [Read More...]

“There is a Public Sphere for Catholic Women,” by Alice Timmons Toomey, 1893


THERE IS A PUBLIC SPHERE FOR CATHOLIC WOMEN. By Alice Timmons Toomey The Catholic World (August 1893): 674-677. The Catholic Women’s Congress held in Chicago, May 18, gave an outline sketch of the work of Catholic women, beginning with a paper on “The Elevation of Womanhood through the Veneration of the Blessed Virgin,” and closing [Read More...]