The First Black Catholic Congress, 1889


COLORED CATHOLICS MEET A NOTABLE CONVENTION BEGUN—CARDINAL GIBBONS PRESENT New York Times, January 2, 1889   WASHINGTON, Jan. 1— A national convention of  colored Catholics, composed of delegates from nearly all of the colored Catholic churches and societies throughout the country, began its sessions this morning in the St. Augustine Colored Catholic Church in this [Read More...]

Dr. Dominic G. Bodkin (1833-1902), Brooklyn, New York


The name of Bodkin is today a familiar and respected one in the medical profession in Brooklyn. So was the name of Dr. Dominic G. Bodkin in the last half of the 19th century. That he was selected by the Catholic laity of the Diocese to speak in their name at the observance of the [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: Francis Ford (1881-1953)

Francis Ford

One of the lead figures of film during the 1910’s was Francis Ford. Born Francis Feeney in Portland, Maine, he served in the Spanish-American War before moving into stage and theater.  It was said he took the name Ford from a stage actor for whom he was an understudy. When the actor was too drunk [Read More...]