James Ryder Randall and the Music of the Civil War


Journalist and poet, b. 1 Jan., 1839, at Baltimore, Maryland; d. 15 Jan., 1908 at Augusta, Georgia. As author of “Maryland, my Maryland”, the famous war song of the Confederacy, he has been frequently styled the “Poet Laureate of the Lost Cause”. He received his education at Georgetown University, but did not graduate. He travelled [Read More...]

First American Bishop Eulogizes President Washington, 1800


Bishop John Carroll’s Eulogy on the Death of President Washington, February 22nd, 1800 When the death of men distinguished by superior talents, high endowments, and eminent virtues to their country, demands the expression of public mourning and grief their loss is accompanied generally with this mitigation, that, however grievous and painful, it is not irreparable; [Read More...]

Mother Theresa Willingman, O.S.P. (1831-1907)


The sixth Superioress of the Order was Reverend Mother Theresa Willingman, a native of Madison, N.J., who spent nearly her whole life with the Oblate Sisters, having been placed with them at the early age of five years. When she was sixteen years old she entered the novitiate. She taught school and was for many [Read More...]