Father William Keegan (1824-1890), Brooklyn, New York


Very Rev. William Keegan. The New York Times, May 11, 1890 Vicar General William Keegan of the Catholic diocese of Brooklyn, rector of the Church of the Assumption, York and Jay Streets, in that city, died early yesterday morning, in the sixty-seventh year of his age, of pneumonia, super-induced by an attack of chills and [Read More...]

Dr. Dominic G. Bodkin (1833-1902), Brooklyn, New York


The name of Bodkin is today a familiar and respected one in the medical profession in Brooklyn. So was the name of Dr. Dominic G. Bodkin in the last half of the 19th century. That he was selected by the Catholic laity of the Diocese to speak in their name at the observance of the [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: Robert Harron (1893-1920)

Robert Harron

Bobby Harron was one of the leading stars of the 1910’s, appearing in some of the greatest films of the era under director D.W. Griffith. Born Robert Emmet Harron, he grew up in Greenwich Village, where he was taught by the Christian Brothers. At thirteen he started as a messenger boy for the Biograph Company [Read More...]