New York’s First Catholic Mayor: William Russell Grace (1832-1904)


Philanthropist and merchant, born at Cork, Ireland, 10 May, 1832; died at New York, 21 March, 1904. His father was originally from Queen’s County, where the Graces lived from the days of their ancestor, Raymond Le Gros, who went to Ireland with Strongbow; his mother, a Russell from Tipperary, was a convert to the Catholic [Read More...]

Funeral Mass for President Lincoln, Brooklyn, April 1865

S Malone 1874

THE PRESIDENT’S MURDER— UNIVERSAL GRIEF OF THE PEOPLE— MOURNING THROUGHOUT THE CITY— THE DAY IN THE CHURCHES (The Brooklyn Times, April 17, 1865)  At Sts. Peter and Paul’s Yesterday That yesterday could have passed without proper notice by Father Malone of its solemnity in relation to the American people was of course impossible. That he [Read More...]

The Jesuits in Hell’s Kitchen, 1900


THE WORK OF OUR MISSIONARIES. MISSION IN “HELL’S KITCHEN,” NEW YORK. A Letter from Father Stanton.                                                                                                                                   ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE, FORDHAM, October 1899 REV. AND DEAR FATHER, P.X.  You ask me for some account of our work during the mission season, and I am quite ready to comply with your wishes in this respect, but hardly [Read More...]