“The Church Would Look Foolish Without Them”: Thomas O’Neil, Toledo, Ohio


There are few old-time dwellers in the city of Toledo, Ohio, who are more prominent or better respected than the gentleman here mentioned. His prominence is not because of marked ability or great wealth, nor is the high esteem in which he is held to be accounted for on any “holier than thou” assumption, or [Read More...]

Roads to Rome: Sarah Worthington King Peter (1800-1877)

Sarah Peter

Born in Ohio, Sarah Worthington was the daughter of a prominent Ohio politician. During her childhood Thomas Worthington would serve as a United States Senator and Governor of Ohio. The family was frequently full of distinguished visitors such ranging from Henry Clay to the Indian Chief Tecumseh. The Worthingtons were devout Methodists, and young attended [Read More...]

Bishop Arrested in Civil War Mississippi, 1864


MOST REV. WILLIAM HENRY ELDER Third Bishop of Natchez Second Archbishop of Cincinnati William Henry Elder was born in Baltimore in the year 1819, and, corresponding to the pious wish of his parents early in life, looked forward to the priesthood as the work of his life. He began his studies in Mount St Mary’s [Read More...]