All Saints Day Homily, St. Paul the Apostle, Manhattan, 1913

Father Walter Elliott, C.S.P. (1842-1928)

FEAST OF ALL SAINTS: The Intercession of the Saints. “You have come to Mount Sion, and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the company of many thousands of angels, and to the Church of the firstborn, who are written in the heavens, and to God the Judge of all, [Read More...]

Sermon for Ascension Thursday: St. Paul the Apostle Church, Manhattan, 1913

Father Walter Elliott, C.S.P. (1842-1928)

  ASCENSION DAY. “And while they gazed on Him going into heaven.” From this Day’s Epistle.  SURELY, my brethren, our Lord Jesus Christ took to heaven with Him His Apostles hearts and souls. And this formed part of His joy. Next to the joy of being with them, was that of consciousness that their souls [Read More...]

The Question Box


Why did the monks chain the Bible in the Middle Ages? To save it from thieves. Why do people chain a cup to the town-pump, or a city directory to a desk in a drugstore? This is readily understood when one considers how valuable a copy of the Scriptures was in those days, owing to [Read More...]