Quote of the Day– On Joy


“The joyous man is the strong man—ready to sympathize: to appreciate: to help: a comfort and a light to others. Into a world where there is a surplus of sadness, of despondency and of despair, he brings something of the power and presence of God that in turn warm and cheer the hearts of men. [Read More...]

A Sermon on Thanksgiving, 1913

Father Walter Elliot, C.S.P. (1842-1928)

  “Were not ten made clean? And where are the nine?”— From this Sunday’s Gospel. These are reproachful words, my brethren. Our good Saviour is indignant, because, of the ten men whom He healed of leprosy, nine forgot to return and thank Him. What a big majority—nine to one in favor of forgetting to acknowledge [Read More...]

Paulist Outreach to Non-Catholics Explained, 1896

A Civil War veteran, Father Walter Elliott, C.S.P. (1842-1928) spent nearly sixty years in the work of evangelization.

TO SPREAD THE CATHOLIC FAITH. A Mission to Explain Dogma to Protestants is to be Established by the Paulist Fathers. (The New York Times, January 13, 1896) Within a short time a band of Catholic missionaries will be at work in this city, whose endeavors will be confined solely to preaching Catholic doctrine to Protestants [Read More...]