An African-American Woman Writes to Pope Pius IX, 1853

African American Daguerrotype

New York, October 29th, 1863 Most Holy Father Visible Head of the Church of Jesus Christ. I humbly write these lines to beseech your Holiness in the name of the same Saviour if you will provide for the salvation of the black race in the United States who is going astray from neglect on the [Read More...]

Catholic History in Less Than Five Minutes: Pope St. Gregory I the Great (590-604 A.D.)

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Montana’s First Bishop Recounts Audience with Pope Leo XIII, 1890

Bishop John Baptist Brondel (1842-1903)

“Bishop Brondel in Rome,” The Tablet, June 7, 1890 SIR,— I wish to communicate to you as well as I can the account of an audience received yesterday at 12:30 from His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. When I was ushered into the presence of the Vicar of Christ, a feeling of religious awe took hold [Read More...]