Catholic History in Less Than Five Minutes: Pope St. Gregory I the Great (590-604 A.D.)

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Montana’s First Bishop Recounts Audience with Pope Leo XIII, 1890

Bishop John Baptist Brondel (1842-1903)

“Bishop Brondel in Rome,” The Tablet, June 7, 1890 SIR,— I wish to communicate to you as well as I can the account of an audience received yesterday at 12:30 from His Holiness Pope Leo XIII. When I was ushered into the presence of the Vicar of Christ, a feeling of religious awe took hold [Read More...]

Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903): Engaging the Modern World


There’s two ways to look at Vatican II, George Weigel suggests in his new book Evangelical Catholicism. One is to see it as a “rupture-with-the-past,” as progressive-minded Catholics are wont to do. The other, favored by the traditional-minded, is to view it as a “terribly-mistaken-concession-to modernity.” Both, he contends, are inaccurate interpretations. The real goal [Read More...]