Pope Leo XIII (1878-1903): Engaging the Modern World


There’s two ways to look at Vatican II, George Weigel suggests in his new book Evangelical Catholicism. One is to see it as a “rupture-with-the-past,” as progressive-minded Catholics are wont to do. The other, favored by the traditional-minded, is to view it as a “terribly-mistaken-concession-to modernity.” Both, he contends, are inaccurate interpretations. The real goal [Read More...]

The Brooklyn Eagle Weighs In On the New Pope, 1847

Pius IX

The Noble Reformer and Philanthropist Pius Ninth (The Brooklyn Eagle, November 29th, 1847) Although we have during the late year given a few passing notices to the character mentioned in the heading of this article—and to his moves in Italy—such a comparatively full description of the grounds on which rest his claims to public love [Read More...]

A Momentous Day in Church History– To Say the Least

Book Cover

When I got up this morning, my wife told me the news about the Pope resigning. It was on New York 1. “That’s ridiculous,” I said, “what do they know about the Pope?’ Well, it turns out they were right. I went to the computer and read Cardinal Dolan’s statement, and then it started to [Read More...]