A Sermon on Human Dignity by Cardinal Gibbons, 1908


EIGHTH SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST. OUR DIGNITY AS CHRISTIANS.  ROM. viii., 12-17.  IN this epistle St. Paul briefly points out to us our exalted dignity as Christians. He tells us that in being incorporated in the Christian family we become children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, and joint heirs with Him in the [Read More...]

Archbishop John Hughes’ Sermon at the Dedication of St. Paul the Apostle Church, Manhattan, 1859

An artist's drawing of the church in 1878, with spires that never materialized.

SERMON ON THE OCCASION OF LAYING THE CORNER-STONE OF THE MISSIONARY HOUSE AND CHURCH OF ST. PAUL THE APOSTLE, NEW YORK, JUNE 19th, 1859. ” Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” These words of the holy prophet, beloved brethren, said the Most Rev. Archbishop, are presented to us [Read More...]

A Sermon on Gratitude, 1915


XLVII.—Gratitude. Luke, XVII., 11-19 (XIII. Sunday After Pentecost.)  It is our strict duty to be thankful to God and men for favors received, and not only to feel our gratitude, but to express it in word and deed. The gospel that I have just now read to you, reminds us of this duty, for in [Read More...]