Mother Austin Carroll, R.S.M. (1835-1909)


Mother Austin Carroll, authoress of the Life of Mother Mc Cauley, Leaves of the Annals of the Sisters of Mercy (4 vols.),  Life of St Alphonsus, Life of Venerable Clement Hofbauer, Glimpses of Pleasant Homes, Happy Hours of Childhood and a number of other valuable works, was born in Clonmel, Ireland, in 1836, educated mostly [Read More...]

Catholic Poetry: “You Silent Dead,” In Honor of the Civil War Veterans


“YOU SILENT DEAD” By Sister Ignatius Summer, R.S.M. The silent dead! The silent dead! I’ve lingered where they sleep in peace, Where care, and want, or thought of dread There anguished vigils cease. Our silent dead! Our silent dead! They lure me to their mossy rest, Where roses, snowy petals shed, And birds sing requiems [Read More...]

The First Nuns in Arkansas, 1851


Early Days in Little Rock On the 6th of February, 1851, the Sisters, under the fatherly care of the bishop, reached their new home among the forest trees after an unusually prosperous journey. They were met at the Little Rock wharf by Rev. John O’Reilly and several leading people of the neighborhood, but there was [Read More...]