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NYC Book

Amazon has just posted the cover of my new book on its website: New York Catholics: Faith, Attitude & the Works! It’s a book that’s half history and half journalism. In the first part I write about a variety of historical figures ranging from St. Elizabeth Seton to Father Mychal Judge. In the second part, [Read More...]

A Franciscan in Memphis: Father Francis Moening, O.F.M.


Founder of St. Joseph’s Hospital. Fr. Francis, of German extraction, entered the Franciscan Order in 1862; was ordained priest in 1867, and was successively appointed Assistant Pastor, Apostolic Missionary, College Professor, Pastor and Superior and Episcopal Consultor in various places before coming to Memphis in 1887. Here in Memphis he built and enlarged St. Mary’s [Read More...]

Catholics in the Movies: Frank McGlynn, Sr. (1866-1951)

McGlynn with Shirley Temple in "The Littlest Rebel" (1935).

  A well-established character actor in the Silent Era and in Hollywood’s Golden Age, Frank McGlynn made some 138 films between 1911 and 1947, playing alongside the likes of Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, and a young John Wayne.  He holds the record for playing Abraham Lincoln no less than ten times onscreen, in films such [Read More...]