Catholic Poetry: “Newman,” by George N. Shuster


NEWMAN BY GEORGE N. SHUSTER Men found you subtle, master, blending skeins Of taut silk thinking with the golden weave Prayer finds in God. A stormy epoch’s eve Stirred your vast silence, till in flaming strains You spoke glory. Yet deeper radiance gains Who, listening close, can still the note perceive That fires your music’s [Read More...]

“A Catholic Dog,” from “The New York Times,” 1877


A CATHOLIC DOG (The New York Times, May 7, 1877) The Middletown Press tells this story: “Mr. Herrick, the liveryman, has a dog which has the peculiarity of refusing to eat meat on Friday, although he seems glad enough to get it on other days. The attempt to get him to break the rule has [Read More...]

A Look at the Trappists, 1908

Dom Edmond Obrecht headed Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey, Kentucky, from 1898 to 1935.

The Trappists, or Reformed Cistercians are a branch of the Order of Citeaux. They possess several monasteries in America, three of which are situated in the United States. The Order took its name from the Abbey of Notre Dame de la Maison-Dieu, of La Trappe, founded in 1140 by Rotron, Count of Perche. After various [Read More...]