A Look at the Trappists, 1908

Dom Edmond Obrecht headed Our Lady of Gethsemani Abbey, Kentucky, from 1898 to 1935.

The Trappists, or Reformed Cistercians are a branch of the Order of Citeaux. They possess several monasteries in America, three of which are situated in the United States. The Order took its name from the Abbey of Notre Dame de la Maison-Dieu, of La Trappe, founded in 1140 by Rotron, Count of Perche. After various [Read More...]

The First Nuns in Arkansas, 1851


Early Days in Little Rock On the 6th of February, 1851, the Sisters, under the fatherly care of the bishop, reached their new home among the forest trees after an unusually prosperous journey. They were met at the Little Rock wharf by Rev. John O’Reilly and several leading people of the neighborhood, but there was [Read More...]

General Ethan Allen’s Daughter Enters Convent, 1814


Fanny Allen, daughter of Ethan and Frances Allen, was born in Sunderland, Vermont, November 13, 1784. She went to Burlington with her parents in 1787 when General Allen established his family on a farm, which is now Ethan Allen Park. Ethan Allen was one of the members of the Onion River Land Company, and was [Read More...]