Anti-Catholic Image of the Week

Catholic store 1914

The years 1910-1915 saw one of the nastiest anti-Catholic backlashes in American history. This cartoon, titled “The Popish Bargain Counter,” shows an innocent Protestant farmer being duped by a priest in biretta and vestments behind the counter. Among the items parodied are Catholic indulgences, the sacraments, and the Catholic reverence for saints’ relics. This cartoon [Read More...]

Lecture on American Catholic Literature, Brooklyn, 1860

Fr Pise

Catholic Literature in the United States– Address of the Rev. Dr. Pise (The Brooklyn Eagle, October 12, 1860)  The Rev. Dr. C.C. Pise, pastor of Sydney Place Church, last evening delivered an address before the Catholic Library Association at their room on the corner of Court and Joralemon streets. A large number of ladies and [Read More...]

The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart (1890)


The work of the Institute began in Baltimore, the first house being opened in 1890. The Very Reverend Provincial of the Josephites, feeling the need of Sisters to help him in the missionary labors of the Society, found a few ladies who desired to devote themselves to the work, and, after usual probation, gave them [Read More...]