Quite a Woman

An interesting if little known figure in Church History is a French Ursuline named Marie of the Incarnation (1599-1672), a mystic and an activist who worked as a missionary in Canada. A widow at an early age, she got interested in the missions after reading about the work of the Jesuits. After raising a son, [Read More...]

The Civil War General Who Became a Priest

Along with Church History, the Civil War has been a big interest of mine ever since I can remember. So I try to wrap the topics together whenever I get the chance. I knew that a number of Civil War veterans had joined the priesthood, but I never heard of any generals taking this route. [Read More...]

New History of Vatican II

Father John W. O’Malley is a Jesuit historian teaching at Georgetown University. He’s one of the best Church historians around (and he’s also a really nice person). If you’re interested in the history of the Jesuits and what makes them tick, I can’t do better than recommend his 1993 book The First Jesuits. Over at [Read More...]