Cardinal Newman on the Classics

Many years ago, I came across this quote from Cardinal Newman from A Grammar of Assent. He talks here about how the Classics take on a deeper meaning as we get older: Let us consider, too, how differently young and old are affected by the words of some classic author, such as Homer or Horace. [Read More...]

Why You Have to Be Careful With Wikipedia

You have to be careful what you read on Wikipedia. It’s a great resource in a lot of ways, if you know what you’re looking for. Not too long ago I found a Wikipedia entry on Edmund A. Walsh (seen here with Douglas MacArthur), who was the subject of my dissertation and my first book. [Read More...]

The Pope’s Army

Most people don’t realize that for over a thousand years, the Pope was a political (temporal) ruler as well as a spiritual one, complete with his own army. The Papal States covered a fairly sizeable chunk of central Italy. Temporal rule ended in 1870 as Italy was united into one nation. But the Papal States [Read More...]