Native American Nuns

Thanks to Deacon Greg Kandra for alerting me to an interesting new book. It’s about a short-lived order of Native American nuns founded in the late 1800′s by a Jesuit who worked among the Sioux. They were called the Congregation of American Sisters. I thought I knew a lot about American Catholic history, but it [Read More...]

This Day in Brooklyn Catholic History

Bushwick got its name from the Dutch, but like most New York neighborhoods, it’s had quite a few makeovers since then. Long a center of Hispanic life, in recent years it’s become home to a growing Hipster population fleeing Manhattan rent. Before either of them, Bushwick was a center of German-American life in New York [Read More...]

The End of an Era

Deacon Greg Kandra, in his marvellous blog The Deacon’s Bench, notes that the Sisters of Mercy in Brooklyn are closing their motherhouse in Brooklyn after 146 years. This doesn’t mean the end of the Sisters’ ministry in Brooklyn, but it is a sad day in the history of their Brooklyn sojourn. That history began in [Read More...]