The Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart (1890)


The work of the Institute began in Baltimore, the first house being opened in 1890. The Very Reverend Provincial of the Josephites, feeling the need of Sisters to help him in the missionary labors of the Society, found a few ladies who desired to devote themselves to the work, and, after usual probation, gave them [Read More...]

St. John the Baptist Church, Manhattan (1840)


“The necessity of hearing the Word of God in their own tongue, and of having their children taught the Christian doctrine in the tones familiar to them from the cradle, led the German Catholics to exert themselves to have separate churches where they could enjoy these advantages.” The first German Catholic church in New York [Read More...]

Kaiser Wilhelm Sends Portrait to Virginia Nuns, 1913


KAISER’S  GIFT TO VIRGINIA NUNS Special to the New York Times The New York Times, June 7, 1913 RICHMOND, Va., June 16— The Sisters of St. Edith’s Academy, near Manassas, have received from Emperor William a large oil painting of himself with the Emperor’s autograph. The academy is under the direction of Benedictine nuns, most [Read More...]