“Living Catholic Authors: Miss Margaret Kenna,” The Catholic World (December 1897): 422-423.


Miss Margaret Kenna, daughter of the late Senator John Edward Kenna, who died January 7, 1893, while serving his second term in the Senate, is one of the youngest of our Catholic writers, but bids fair to take a high rank among short-story-writers at least. What she may do towards the great American novel, it [Read More...]

Virginia’s First Bishop: Patrick Kelly (1820-1822)


VIRGINIA’S FIRST BISHOP Right Rev. Patrick Kelly. First Bishop of Richmond, A.D. 1820   Bishop Kelly was a native of Ireland. He was for many years Professor, and at the time of his appointment as Bishop, President of Birchfield College, near Kilkenny. In 1820 the Catholics of Norfolk, Virginia, and those of Charleston, South Carolina, [Read More...]

Archbishop John J. Kain, St. Louis (1841-1903)

Bp Kain

DIOCESE OF WHEELING. RIGHT REV. JOHN J. KAIN, Bishop of Wheeling. John J. Kain was born in Martinsburg, Berkeley Co., West Virginia, on the 31st of May, 1811, the only son of Jeremiah and Ellen Murphy Kain, who emigrated from the neighborhood of Macroom, in the county of Cork, Ireland, and married in this country. [Read More...]